DIY Venue Decoration Ideas: 5 Ways to Transform Your Venue

Whether your event space is a blank canvas or you want to tweak its appearance, there are so many ways to transform your venue and make it personal to you and your brand.

Put your creative hat on and get ready to DIY. If you’re looking specifically to transform a wedding space, we recently uploaded a blog about turning an empty and impersonal wedding venue into a memorable space. 

Or, if you’re here for some DIY hacks to revamp a space, these tips and tricks couldn’t be easier. Read on for our top 5 DIY venue decoration Ideas.

furniture hire at an event - a range of velvet sofas available for hire


Picture this – an event with no furniture. Your space would look empty, impersonal and unwelcoming. 

Furniture has such a presence at an event; it fills the space and sets the mood. Choosing the right furniture and getting creative with how you display the pieces needn’t be a challenge. Here at Juno Hire, we have a selection of bespoke furniture to pick and choose from to alter the look and feel of your venue. Our stand out Gatsby Sofas and colourful Dinky Armchairs are a great place to start if you’re looking to spruce up the space yourself with a bit of DIY furniture styling.



Catering will always be a significant part of an event planning budget, but who said you need to put on a huge spread in order to host a great event? Food and drink can still take centre stage and blow your guests away when you do it yourself. Get creative with your event catering and opt for grazing, rather than indulging. Create a couple of homemade charcuterie boards (which would look great displayed on one of our Scandinavian style dining tables), or design your very own on-brand cocktail recipes and serve them up at one of our bar’s available for hire.

catering at an event - event planning tips

Table decor

When it comes to table decor, a little creativity and DIY goes a long way. However you decide to design your table spread, it can help take your decor to the next level, working with the colour and style of your event. Have a go at mixing colours and textures, using things like dried flowers (a huge trend at the moment), candles, vintage tableware and linens to set the tone. If you’re hosting a sit-down meal, take a look at our Scandinavian dining table. Going for a more relaxed vibe? Create some smaller-scale table decorations that would fit our selection of Poseur Tables.


Flower arrangements

There is no doubt that incorporating some greenery and fresh flowers can make a space much more inviting. But how do you even begin to arrange a flower bouquet? Our advice would be to not let the intricate flower arrangements that you’re used to seeing scare you off. The way in which you add flowers to your event is entirely subjective to what you think looks good and what suits your event. And you don’t even necessarily need to use fresh flowers. With the creative freedom to design your own arrangement, why not experiment with dried flowers or a selection of house plants to bring some life to your empty space. Start by dotting your creations around on our Poseur Tables or decorate a bar area – a pop of colour would really compliment our Silver Mirror Bar.

Venue transformation - velvet sofas for hire in london

Photo opportunities

Everyone’s ready for a big party right? So, why not make it one to remember with a DIY photo opportunity area at your event to wow your guests. Our recently uploaded blog  includes some inspiration for designing your photo op area, so take a look at that for a few ideas to get you started. We’d also suggest taking to Pinterest to spark some ideas. We had a little scroll and think that our Scalloped Dinky Armchairs would look brilliant in front of a homemade flower wall or neon sign backdrop.

Hosting an event takes up a lot of energy and a lot of dedication. You want it to be Instagrammable, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly, functional – no one wants a dull space. We want you to be able to step back at the end and think ‘wow, look at this space’. We hope these tips and tricks will help to make that ‘wow’ moment happen.



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