Furniture Hire for Weddings – How to Transform a Blank Canvas Venue

Don’t be disheartened by a seemingly empty, blank canvas reception venue! With just a few tweaks and tricks you can make use of our furniture hire for weddings and turn it from empty and impersonal into a memorable space for you and your guests. Read on for our six top tips…


A lightbulb moment


It’s amazing how quickly and efficiently lighting can transform a space. With the placement of just a few floor lamps or hanging disco balls, a bland room can turn into a warm, welcoming hideout or a free and easy dance-floor. You can set the mood for your wedding reception quite literally with the flick of a switch. Not only that, but this is the space where you’ll be having the most photos taken of you (whether you like it or not!) so you’ll want the lighting to be flattering.


Fairy lights are great for photos. Hang them from the ceiling to minimise empty spaces if you’re in a large venue, or drape them across the walls. Lanterns in outside spaces are an easy way to continue your wedding theme outside (there are some great solar-panelled lanterns available). Artificial candles on dinner tables and serving tables indoors will create a cosy theme and they also give off a flattering light. Don’t forget to hang disco balls if you’re hoping to dance the night away! If you’re going all out, try and keep your lighting themes consistent throughout your venue, otherwise it may come as a bit of a shock to your guests when they move from a snug, dimly lit room to a glaringly bright room next door!



Use furniture to create social spots


We’ve all had that awkward moment when you get to a party and find you have nowhere to sit. Make sure you avoid all awkwardness at your wedding reception by ensuring you have set up plenty of welcoming, socialising spots. The easiest way to do this? Get in some comfy sofas and armchairs. There is some kind of magnetic pull between party guests and sofas it seems! Soft seating like our Mayfair Sofa and Wingback Armchair teamed up with low tables such as our Birdcage Coffee Tables and Copper Maze Side Tables (so there’s somewhere to put their drinks and food) is a guaranteed way of getting your guests comfortable and nattering away for hours. 


Keep the drinks flowing


There’s a reason why people love weddings! Pick out your favourite cocktails and drinks for the bartenders to serve; you could even ask a mixologist to create your very own wedding cocktail to mark the special occasion. Hire a bar that fits in with your reception theme; they come in all shapes, sizes and styles and they certainly don’t need to be boring. If your reception venue and theme is cosy, countryside, barn style, a wooden bar would work well, whereas if your party style is a little more high-end glam, something glossy and luxe is what you need. Integrate your decor with the bar too – add lighting or framed photos to give it a personal touch. 



Dress up your tables


Setting the table for dinner has become an art form in its own right over the last few years (just take a look at table decorations on Pinterest for proof), but its a form of decorating that may initially seem daunting – which way do we place the forks? Does the napkin go on the left or right? How many glasses will everyone need?! Only stick to formalities if you want to. We think it’s more important (and fun) to focus on the decorative side of things i.e. colour palette, crockery, name places and centrepieces.


Like with everything mentioned in this post, consistency is key. So, if you’re splashing out on sparkling, fairy lights everywhere and soft, velvet furnishing, it may look a bit odd if your dinner tables are stark and industrial. Think of the colour theme for the rest of your reception and wedding. For example, if your bridesmaids are wearing teal, it may be nice to have teal accents throughout your table spread too. As for centrepieces, these are what bring your table together and will turn it from a simple meal into an unforgettable dining event. A handy tip is to have centrepieces of varying heights to add interest and depth to the room – particularly useful if you’re planning on having a very long dining table.



Bring the outside in


Flowers, pot plants, hanging garlands and mini trees are just a few ways that you can bring the outside in for your wedding reception. This is a theme that has been going strong for many years now, and it’s no surprise as the effect is charming, welcoming and unique (it’s not every day you get to be in a room surrounded by hanging plants and rose bouquets). Hire plants and florals that fit in with your colour scheme and event style, and see how quickly they’ll transform the space. We especially love the idea of a flower backdrop – quite literally a backdrop full of stunning buds, that will make the perfect setting for photos, or intertwine flower stems with hanging lights for a faraway, fairytale effect.


It’s the little things that count


You could have all the flattering lights, hanging pot plants and delicious cocktails in the world, but without the personal touches, your wedding reception could be just about anyone’s! The little details, such as photos of you and your partner dotted about, having a playlist of your favourite songs to give to the DJ, including your favourite food on the menu and placing a guestbook by the door for family and friends to leave best wishes, are a few ways to bring your personal touch to the venue. It is a blank canvas after all, and this is your chance to make a lovely and unforgettable creation!



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