Event styling trends to bring your event to life

Keeping up with trends can be exhausting. However, when it comes to planning a stand out event it’s definitely worth your while looking into what’s trending and applying some ideas to your event styling. From impressive dried flower displays to elegant lighting, deliver the ultimate wow factor with these event styling trends.


Dried flowers

From huge dried pampas grass to dainty bunny tails and thistles, the dried flowers interior trend is everywhere. Wow your guests and get them talking with this versatile styling trend. You can hang the flowers above table spreads, dot them around in lovely vases or create a photoshoot backdrop. The options are endless! If you’re looking for furniture to pair with this trend, our Scandi Dining Table would make the perfect blank canvas for arrangements. This trend is sustainable too, as you could always give the flowers to guests to take away and avoid any waste – beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Flower wall for photos

Super Instagrammable, yet incredibly elegant at the same time. Building a flower wall will not only get your guests talking, creating a photoshoot area should encourage them to take photos and share them for others to see. Paired with one of our Fifties style velvet Dinky Sofas in a colour to compliment the flowers and voila – you’ve got yourself an aesthetically pleasing photoshoot wall.


Hanging fairy lights

Make your event sparkle with a hanging fairy light installation. Go all out and cover the ceiling with glistening lights! Or, for outdoor events, take it down a notch and add some subtle finishes by wrapping fairy lights around the branches of a tree for twinkling elegance. Fairy lights are great at creating an atmosphere and can work for both day and night events. We can picture it now – our modern, contemporary Milano Poseur Table with Perugia High Stools, surrounded by twinkling lights, now if that doesn’t impress your guests, we don’t know what will.

Rustic antique rugs

Create a dreamy, bohemian vibe by adding some finishing touches in the form of rustic antique rugs. We’ve seen them used to layout a less conventional aisle for a wedding, which looks great! Or, they’re perfect combined with a selection of cushions for creating a cosy floor seating area for your guests. This trend would work perfectly in an industrial loft-style venue, ideal for adding some warmth to a space. Paired with our Straight Floorboard Bar and you’ve got yourself a pretty unique set up.


Neon lights

Liven up any party or event with some neon lights, they’ll be sure to get your guests talking. They are also easily customisable. You could get one made with your brand logo or your name to create a photo opportunity or, install one to brighten up your bar area. Take a look at our Silver Mirror Parker Bar, can you imagine how cool that would look paired with a bright neon light!


Whether you completely copy these trends or use them as inspiration for styling your own event, it’s all in the finishing touches when it comes to showing off your personality and styling a stand out event.



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