Top Tips for Hiring Furniture for Events

So you’ve got your location, you’ve got your guest list, you may even have your invites designed, but you still haven’t decided on what furniture to hire! If that sounds familiar, or you’re someone that finds hiring furniture for events an uninspiring task, we’re here to help change all that. No more last-minute orders for conference tables or frantic trips to Ikea for extra fold-up chairs. We’ve compiled these five easy tips for hiring furniture with ease for your next event.



Remember your theme

As touched upon in a previous blog post, having a consistent theme for your event will help increase the impact and memorability of the occasion. Your furniture picks should, therefore, blend seamlessly into your theme. If your event’s theme is corporate, for example, having brightly coloured sofas and satin cushions may look a little out of place. Minimal, discrete furniture and subtle colours would work much better. (Brightly coloured sofas would be a winner for a summer or tropical themed party though!)


Stick to a colour scheme

My mum always told me to never wear green and blue together, but if that’s the colour scheme you like, stick to it! Websites like Coolors make creating a colour palette fun and easy and once you’ve got your desired result, implement the colours onto every aspect of your event; invites, decorations, florals and foliage and of course, furniture. The consistent colour scheme will boost the aesthetics and have people remembering your special occasion for months to come.



What’s the scale?

Is your event a Great Gatsby-style extravaganza or a more intimate soirée? The placement and number of furniture pieces can add dramatically to your event’s aesthetic. Practically speaking, take measurements inside your venue and keep tabs on the dimensions of your desired furniture hire pieces. That way, you’ll avoid any ‘that bar’s too big for the room’ and/or ‘these chairs don’t fit under the table’ fiascos.


Keep your event’s purpose in mind

Are you planning your event for networking? Or is it centering around a presentation? These are two very different styles of event needing two very different styles of furniture requirements. Do you need small, side tables for guests to put their drinks on? Or rather, one large table if you’re having a buffet? Do you want large, comfortable sofas for guests to mingle on? Or rather, smaller, more compact chairs for guests to sit on whilst viewing your presentation? By reminding yourself of what your event’s goal is and how you want your guests to feel, you can select your furniture hire pieces a little easier.



If in doubt, ask for advice!

If you’re still unsure on what furniture items to pick, or what style to go for, or feel we’ve left your queries unanswered, get in touch! We offer free, friendly advice, just drop us an email at [email protected]


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