Our 5 Top Tips for Planning Your First Event

Are you planning your first event? Or perhaps finding the idea of running your own shindig a bit overwhelming? Stress no more! We love organising and hosting events, parties and work gatherings here at Juno Hire and as furniture hire aficionados we’ve attended a lot of amazing and memorable ones as guests as well. We thought we’d share the love and give you our five top tips on event planning – you’ll be creating an impressive event in no time!

1. Define your event’s objective

This may seem obvious but before anything else, make sure you set out a clear end-goal for your event. Are you creating your event to inform, network, sell, influence etc? Once you’ve established your event objective, you can then work out the practical needs to achieve this. This leads on to point two…


2. Find the perfect venue

Your event’s objective will help you determine the best suitable venue. Whatever the goal, we find it’s always best to have enough space for guests to mingle without feeling crowded, yet still evoke a friendly and intimate atmosphere. You want your event to stay in people’s minds, whether that’s through decorating an adaptable or minimal space, or finding a beautifully pre-designed location. Something attractive, unique and practical is the ideal scenario. Let’s just say, stay away from dreary, corporate function rooms!


Images by Sophie Carefull from Weekend:IN event


3. Create a clear theme

Once you’ve chosen your venue, you can get creative by mood-boarding what kind of theme you want your event to convey. Minimal perhaps? Or something a bit more luxe?  Whatever the theme, having a consistent design on your invitations, decorations, menus, drinks and furniture hire, will help to tie your entire event together and maximize the impact and memorability of the occasion.


4. Think of the finer details

It really is all in the details! Using your event strategy and design theme as starting points, think of some surprise touches for your venue and treat ideas for your event attendees. Make sure your event’s theme touches all aspects of the interiors. For instance, if you are having a more high-end styled event, when thinking about furniture hire, velvet sofas and armchairs would probably be more suitable than plastic chairs. Goody bags are always a winner and personalised gifts are a lovely way of showing how much you value your guests. Creating a clear theme really comes into play when considering our final point too…


Images from Yonder Collective


5. Make it Insta-worthy

The aforementioned tips all work together to achieve an exciting and unforgettable occasion for your guests and one that will inevitably be shared on social media. Create a hashtag for your event to encourage your guests to share snaps and create an online buzz. By doing this, you’re extending your event’s audience substantially and attracting new people to your brand. Your event’s aesthetic will not only live on in your guests’ memory now, but on their Instagram feeds for months to come. Finally, after all the hard work, there’s nothing better than seeing attendee’s positive feedback on your event’s hashtag once the day comes to a close!  


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