Furniture Hire for 2021 Weddings

2020 has been a difficult time to navigate for both couples and the wedding industry but this doesn’t mean that plans can’t be re-arranged. Your big day will still happen, there is nothing stopping you continuing to plan; all you need is a little patience and inspiration. Think about the details, the atmosphere you want to create, and what your guests will appreciate. What do you picture when you think of your future 2021 wedding? 

While choosing your dream venue and planning the guest list is vital, you need to consider all aspects of the day, taking into account practicalities as well aesthetics. The furniture at your wedding should be appropriate as it will feature in every room and can really set the mood for the day. If you have a theme, you want the furniture to match your vision or, if you’re going for a more neutral and polished look, you’ll need some sleek, modern furniture to set the tone. The furniture that you choose for your big day is more important than you may have thought. We’ve made a step by step guide on how to choose the best pieces.


Step 1: Get inspired

You don’t need us to tell you about Pinterest. The platform is renowned for its wedding mood boards and we’re sure you have many! Take a look at your boards, what furniture have you pinned? What  seating do you want at the ceremony, do you want a chilled sofa area, a bar, a DJ? These are all important aspects to consider when planning a 2021 wedding. 

We have a great selection of furniture items for you to choose from. For inspiration follow Juno Hire on Pinterest and check out our blogs featuring some of our favorite accounts for events planning inspo.


Step 2: Work out your guest list

The number of people on your guest list will determine the size of the venue and how much furniture your big day will require. Although some venues do provide chairs for the ceremony, why not make the set-up more personal to you. When you’re walking down the aisle, what do you picture? If you’ve opted for a modern, sleek look, check out our Loop Chairs or if you’re sticking to a neutral, white palette, take a look at our Hula Chair. They may just be chairs, but when they’re laid out for your ceremony, you want the room to have an impact on your guests and set the tone for the day.


Step 3: Think about the atmosphere

You’ve got to keep the music going and drinks flowing. No wedding is complete without a bit of a boogie and what better way to get everyone on the dance floor than a DJ? For some top tips on hiring a DJ, check out our blog post. Once you have someone sorted, a DJ requires the perfect set up. Doubling up as DJ booths, means our bars are the perfect fit. From our minimal Parker Bars to the more rustic Floorboard Bars, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your theme. You could even line up a number of bars and hire bartenders to serve your favourite tipples – the options are endless.


Step 4: Don’t forget a chill out space

Weddings are great fun, but a lot of dancing means sore feet, and those people are going to want an area to take a break. So, dedicating some space to create a lounge area might not be a bad idea. We have sofas to fit any colour scheme. For a plush, luxurious feel, take a look at our Gatsby Sofas, the velvet design is a real eye catcher. Or if you want to mix and match, our Dinky Sofas and matching armchairs will add a pop of colour and elegance to your event with their retro style and gold finish legs – think Great Gatsby style. Plus, you’re going to need some side tables for guests to put down their drinks and our gold Carla Side and Coffee tables are the perfect match for our luxe soft seating ranges.

Your 2021 wedding day is a reflection of you as a couple. Every little detail planned to a T, from the furniture to the bar set-up. It takes time to get it all right, but when the day comes and you see everything slot into place, it will be worth it!



Juno Hire provides bespoke, design-led, high-quality bar,  furniture, and armchairs for hire for pop up shops, events,  functions, parties photoshoots and 2021 weddings. We currently offer our furniture hire services in London and surrounding areas. Get in touch at [email protected].