Tips on hiring a DJ for your event

An event without music is like a sofa without cushions – it just ain’t right. Now get your playlists at the ready because we’ve come up with four easy to follow tips on hiring a DJ and getting the perfect set-up for your next event. Guests to the dance floor please…


Let the DJ know your audience


Make sure your chosen DJ is aware of the audience/type of guests that are attending your event. Are they trendy-millennials or a more mature, laid-back crowd? This will help to avert any unintended clearing of the dance floor!


Choose your genres


Give your DJ an approved list of genres (and ones to steer clear of). You could also let them know of any ‘do not play’ songs to avoid dodgy song requests from guests. Some people simply give their DJ a full playlist, but we think it’s more fun to give them the criteria and see what they come up with (it’s more exciting for you too then).  





It’s not just about the music. Lighting has an enormous impact on the atmosphere at an event, particularly when dancing is involved (no one wants to see Paul from Accounts dancing in the full glare of the building’s ceiling lights). Generally speaking, you want your dance area to be fitted out with subdued, complimentary lighting. If you want to go all-out, you could consider intelligent lighting. This synchronises lights to the music and creates a full, club-like experience.



The decks


Finally, your DJ will need the perfect place to work from. Consider whether you want them to take centre stage on the dancefloor, or do you want them to be more tucked away? When it comes to where they’ll put their decks, lots of the Juno Hire bars are handily designed to be used as DJ booths too. Take a look here.



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