Face-to-face events: Bespoke furniture hire for the ultimate event comeback.

In the past year, the events industry has seen a huge shift. From changes in regulations to having to put a halt on face-to-face events all together – it’s been a bit of a bumpy road to say the least. But, at long last, there is now light at the end of the tunnel (finally) and we couldn’t be happier, to get back to providing bespoke furniture hire for some very exciting events.

With event reopening dates announced and the long-awaited opportunity to throw an unforgettable celebration with guests, you’re going to want to come back with a bang! So, let us share some of our top tips to make the ultimate event comeback.

Velvet sofas for hire in london

Make a statement with bespoke furniture 

If you want to host a stand-out event, you can’t forget the furniture. Good furniture has the ability to turn an average event into that epic comeback event we’re talking about. Here at Juno hire, we make this part super easy for you with our bespoke collection of designer furniture hire available in London. It’s been a while, so let us suggest you take a browse at our statement, velvet Gatsby Sofas and selection of bars to get you started.

bespoke furniture hire - Pink velvet sofa for hire in London

Make it memorable 

We’ve been waiting to party for some time now, so you’re going to want to put on an event to remember! It’s all about that fine balance of creating a functional place and remembering to allow for the fun bits. By ‘fun bits’ we’re referring to a bar area (check out our bar furniture here) or putting together photo areas for your guests to get snap-happy and make some memories. For some event styling inspiration, we recently uploaded a blog all about bringing an event to life.

Make it functional

It’s been a while since face-to-face events have been allowed, so it is essential that when planning your event, you’re reminding yourself to make the space work for your guests. You may need to allow for social distancing measures, so it’s worth bring prepared. If you need to create some division, our Dinky Armchairs would be ideal for spacing out a seating area, whilst also looking pleasing on the eye. If you’re needing to dot around the food and drink to avoid gathering, our selection of Poseur Tables are a great option.

Bespoke furniture hire - Yellow velvet armchair for hire in London

Make it comfortable

It goes without saying that your guests are going to want to socialise and mingle – it’s been quite some time after all! We’ve all become very accustomed to comfort, so this is the easy part and our selection of designer furniture hire is full of options to add some softness to your event. From stand out, colourful sofas to more sleek and minimal designs, they’ll help to make your space will feel inviting and warm. You could also use some coffee tables to make some easy to reach nibbles and drinks, because who doesn’t love a lovely spread.

We have been patiently waiting for the events industry to open back up and with this promising news, we are itching to start supplying bespoke furniture hire for your event comeback! 



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