Top tips for sustainable event planning

Sustainability and zero waste living is at the forefront of people’s minds more than ever these days. It is no longer just a buzz word or something that makes you sound good, ‘sustainability’ is a lifestyle choice and something that is essential to consider when planning an event.

Generating waste at any kind of event is inevitable, but there are ways around recycling that waste and repurposing it. Hosting an eco friendly event is possible and we’re going to tell you how

Look back to previous events

Begin by considering past events that you have hosted or attended and ask yourself, what could have been improved to make it more sustainable. Was there a lot of food waste? Unnecessary paper invites? Single use tableware? Choose an element and work on it one at a time. Your event can still have an impact on your guests without having any effect on the environment.

sustainable event planning

Choosing a venue

When selecting a venue, start by asking about their environmental policy. For instance, are they aware of their carbon emissions, energy or other factors that could possibly affect the planet. Most importantly, do they share your sustainable ethos and understand your objectives to host a sustainable event.

Minimising waste

The key to sustainable event planning is going plastic free. This is an obvious first step, but plastic is a nuisance and can be found in many things. Our advice would be to stay away from any non-reusable items. There are so many alternatives out there, this is actually easier than you may think – turn to recyclable alternatives such as paper straws for drinks and hired table decor that can be used time and time again. When it comes to sending out invites and keeping your guests informed about the event, reduce the amount of paper you use and go digital – email invites or create a website for your event to communicate any messages. If you’re giving away products, minimise the packaging and supply recycling bins at the venue for any waste created.

Catering for sustainable event planning

Sustainable catering 

Your event is most likely going to have some form of food or drinks on offer, so this is another area to make sure is sustainable. Opt for locally sourced, organic produce, this not only lessens the transport distance, but it ensures that the food itself is sustainable. If you’re using a caterer, ensure that they use minimal or sustainable packaging. When the event comes to an end, if you have any leftover food, donate it. There are plenty of platforms out there to donate surplus food, just give it a Google.

Manage the clean up

As we mentioned before, waste is inevitable when it comes to events. For starters, simply reduce the amount of waste entering your event in the first place. Consider what is likely to be generated and think about how it can be managed sustainably. Repurpose branding materials you use at future events, make sure to provide recycling bins for any waste produced by guests, don’t forget to arrange a way to donate any left over food, and hire furniture or any other decor you need instead of buying new. At Juno Hire, we have a huge selection of furniture hire to suit any event – go check it out for some inspiration.

waste management for sustainable event planning


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