Top tips for choosing furniture hire for pop-up shops

When you’re faced with an empty shop space it can be difficult to know where to start. A pop-up shop is a short-term project, so it is essential that the space stands out and holds a memorable presence. The interior should create a physical space that aligns with your brand image, so the right furniture is essential. When welcoming customers, the space should feel both recognisable to those who already follow you, and have a long lasting impression to those who are unfamiliar. Juno Hire has worked with an assortment of pop-up shops so here are a few ideas to inspire you when selecting furniture for yours.


Personalising a blank canvas


This is probably the most important element. The main purpose of a pop-up shop is to showcase your brand, so the way in which your products are displayed is essential. You have to consider the customers journey as they enter the store. Think of the space as a stylish, yet blank canvas. You don’t want it to appear too busy or overcrowded with products, yet you want to showcase everything your brand has to offer.


A poseur table such as our Cappuccino tables are ideal for displaying products in a way that is sleek and minimal. Making use of the space with a large central table, like our Scandinavian Dining Table would also be a good idea to draw people in to the centre of the shop. You want the shop to be aesthetically pleasing, so avoid cluttering it. A way around this is creating different levels by using display blocks to catch the customers eye as they progress through the shop.


Creating a space to sit back and relax


An area for people to sit back and relax is a guaranteed way to make your customers feel comfortable and welcomed. Be sure to think about your colour scheme and how the area will look in line with the rest of the shop; our velvet armchairs and sofas make for a great insta-worthy area. Or, if you’re looking for a more minimal vibe then our Wingback or Dexter sofas might be more your style. Whichever you opt for, compliment the area with a side or coffee table so that customers have a space to sit with a drink or to admire their purchases.


Time to celebrate


Why not hold a launch event to mark the opening of your shop and create a bit of a buzz around what you have created. First things first, you’ll need a bar. We have a selection of styles, from rustic to sleek and shiny – whatever fits your style. You can integrate your own brand image with the bar too by adding lighting or creating a cocktail that’s exclusive to the launch. After all, the purpose of a pop-up shop is to create a unique, engaging and memorable shopping experience.


Now that you know how to host your own pop-up and utilise our furniture to customise a space that fully represents you and your brand – what are you waiting for? We have helped host a collection of successful pop-up shops. From modern banking service Klarna, who used our gorgeous pink Dinky Armchair to Lazy Oaf, where our brightly coloured Sophia Armchair and Electric Blue Dinky Sofa were featured to reflect the brands bold image, we have all you need to make your pop-up quite literally pop with personality.


Take a browse of our site if you’re keen to see what other multi-purpose furniture hire pieces we have that would work perfectly for a pop-up shop.



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