Three reasons you need to hire velvet sofas for your next event

Stemming from the 1970s interiors craze we’ve been seeing everywhere since last year, the velvet sofa is a comeback we’re all too happy to indulge in. Comfortable, elegant and easy on the eye, this new furniture staple is a must for any event requiring a cool and up to date aesthetic. Here’s three reasons to hire velvet sofas for your next knees-up…



1. Luxe

Since the days of Ancient Egypt, velvet has been a fabric that denotes glamour and luxury. With kings and queens adorning their palaces with deep purple and red velvets – a sign of status and wealth. Luckily nowadays velvet isn’t indulged in by just royalty and aristocrats alone; it’s much more affordable for the masses and easier to obtain, but still exudes that air and history of sophistication – win win. They’re perfect for the glitzier occasions but that’s not to say that a dusty-pink sofa can’t also add a perfect pop of colour and focus to a more minimal, laid back function as well.



2. Comfort

Asides from being practically aesthetically perfect to look at, velvet sofas are a near dream to sit on too. Soft and cosy as well as being the ultimate luxe item, the velvet sofa has yet to meet its match. Plus, there’s nothing more welcoming to guests than a set of deep plush cushions for them to flock to and flop into. Velvet is a warm fabric and demands to be touched, so be warned, you may have trouble extracting guests from your sofas at the end of the night…



3. Colour

Velvet adds a deepness and richness to colours that would otherwise seem quite flat and ordinary. Due to the nature of the fabric, colours have added tones, meaning a blue velvet sofa isn’t just one shade of blue, rather, a whole range of shades. We usually find the darker the colour, the more luxurious the aesthetic and the lighter the colour, the more laid-back and adaptable the aesthetic. We’ve yet to see a bad colour velvet sofa though, so no matter which colour you go for, it will inevitably steal the show.


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