Promotional event planning – Creative furniture hire uses

Promotional events are an opportunity to showcase your brand by creating a space that really represents what you do. It’s a chance to make a big impression on your audience and potential customers, displaying your products or demonstrating your services in the best light possible. Keep reading for three ideas for events to connect with your customers, and the best furniture hire items to make your promotional event planning come to life.   


Pop-up shop

A pop-up shop is a short-term project, so it is essential that the space stands out and holds a memorable presence. If you are a product based business, then a pop-up shop is an ideal way to showcase your stock and test the market and customer interest in new locations. The shop is temporary, so hiring furniture is the perfect option for creating an interior that aligns with your brand image. 

Consider your audience’s journey as they enter the shop. Take a look at our Cappuccino tables; ideal for displaying products in a way that is sleek and minimal or, make use of the space with a large central table with our Scandinavian Dining Table. You’re also going to want to think about creating an area for your customers to sit back and relax. Be sure to think about your colour scheme and how the area will look in line with the rest of the shop; our velvet armchairs and sofas make for a great Insta-worthy area. Or, if you’re looking for a more minimal vibe then our Wingback or Dexter sofas might be more your style. 

Juno Hire has worked with an assortment of pop-up shops, check out our blog post for a few ideas to inspire you when selecting furniture.


Product launch event

A product launch should be memorable, exciting and unique to your brand. Most importantly, you need to create a buzz around the product in the spotlight, making sure to showcase it effectively. Use our Poseur or Console tables to display the product and ensure it is the centre of attention. Think about incorporating a bar area or DJ booth to entertain your guests and create a memorable experience. Why not throw in a bit of fun with personalised cocktails or make some colourful canapés inspired by the product.


Dinner party

If you’re looking to put on an event that is a little more toned down and formal, hosting a dinner party is great for both product and service based business. Whether you’re announcing a new launch  or promoting a new campaign, having your guests sit down for dinner is the perfect opportunity to get to know your audience and allow them to be more hands on with what you are showcasing. Guests will include industry experts and influencers, so you’re going to want the event to look ‘Instagrammable’ to encourage them to share on socials. Think about creating some areas for photo opportunities. Statement pieces are a sure way to have guests tapping for their camera apps; spreading the news of your event and creating a buzz around your new product or service.

Our colourful Dinky Armchairs and glamorous Gatsby Sofas are stand out pieces and will guarantee photo-taking. 

For inspiration on creating an Insta-worthy event to ensure lots of sharing, check out our blog post!

You want your guests to come away from your event having had a memorable experience. You want them to shout about what a great time they had and spread the word of your goods/services. The look and aesthetic of an event is essential. The seating you choose, the tables you display your goods on and the vibe you create, it all needs to be considered in your promotional event planning. An event isn’t complete without a selection of stand out furniture, just pop us an email to chat about our next event. 



Juno Hire provides bespoke, design-led, high-quality bar,  furniture, and armchairs for hire for promotional event planning, pop up shops, events,  functions, parties and photoshoots. We currently offer our furniture hire services in London and surrounding areas. Get in touch at [email protected].