Furniture Hire Inspiration – 4 British Furniture Designers We’re Loving

The following four British designers are inspiring us here at Juno Hire in a multitude of ways. From their sterling efforts towards sustainable craftsmanship and manufacturing to their bold and innovative designs, we are proud to take our cues from them. We aim to have a line of hireable furniture that is as stylish yet practical as possible, and these designers help to keep us determined in our efforts. Read all about them below. 


Lee Broom – When decades collide

Birmingham-born designer Lee Broom has been making waves in the industry for over a decade. At the age of 17, Broom won a fashion design competition which awarded him an internship with the legendary fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. She gave him a valuable piece of advice; consider craftsmanship from the past and its established techniques, and then think how that can be adapted for modern times. Since then, Broom has made a name for himself by combining classic, luxurious styles with innovative, modern design techniques (and has won over twenty awards for his efforts). There is a beautiful balance between the old and the new in his work. This is an aesthetic we aspire to with our own furniture hire items. Our Dinky Armchair, for example, has a style straight out of a sixties living room, but its shade of Millennial Pink bring it nicely up to date. We also admire Broom’s manufacturing ethos, which sees local, British manufacturers as a priority, rather than overseas options.


Another Country – Built to last

London-based brand Another Country was founded in 2010 with the mission of making stylish, sustainable, long-lasting wooden furniture at fair and accessible prices. They tie together time-honoured craft techniques with modern technology to make their products as eco-friendly as possible. At last year’s London Design Festival, the company created a line of furniture intended to create wellbeing in the home, which included a multi-use day bed and a table that doubled up as a serving tray. The multi-use items infer flexibility, movement and engagement between the owner and the furniture – ‘strong tactile elements that encourage mindfulness’. We’re a big fan of wooden furniture items, even more so when they’re sustainably sourced. Our Straight Floorboard Bar and Sloped Floorboard Bar are made from hand-picked, reclaimed floorboards, and tick off two of our design must-haves: on-trend and unharmful to our planet. 


Deadgood – Products with personality

Deadgood is a modern lighting and furniture brand founded by Northumbria University graduates Dan Ziglam and Elliot Brook in 2004. On conception, they drew two circles with ‘Commercial’ on one side and ‘Artistic/Creative’ on the other. Ziglam and Brook wanted to place themselves bang in the middle, in ‘the sweet spot’. They wanted to create commercial products that were as fun and interesting as household furniture, so they set about making items with a bit of a twist, showing their personality, but still suitable for the mainstream market. Fifteen years later, Deadgood has carved out a niche for themselves and worked with clients such as Google and BBC. These big corporate names haven’t distracted them from their initial ambitions though. If anything, the company’s designs have become bigger and bolder.

We’re always banging on about how corporate functions and furniture items don’t need to be dull, take a look at our hirable seating and table ranges for proof! Like Lee Broom, Deadgood have also placed high importance on British manufacturing, as they stated themselves, ‘We have a two-way partnership with our suppliers, and they are like a family to us, and we feel there is so much more passion working with them.’ 


Sebastian Cox – Furniture from the lab

Last but not least is a truly one of a kind design brand. Based in South-east London, the Sebastian Cox design studio and workshop make furniture, lighting and accessories, sourced from sustainable British woodlands and most interestingly, they grow their own products from mycelium (mushroom) and green wood waste from Cox’s own woodland in Kent. The result? A light, suede-like texture that aims to suit any domestic setting. The brand showcased its home-grown products (so far they have made lampshades and stools) at last year’s London Design Festival. Whether you love them or hate them, the concept is groundbreaking in terms of its contribution to sustainable craftsmanship.



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