Furniture Hire in Action: Glamorous Botanical Marquee

Juno Hire recently teamed up with Addo Events for a gorgeous, botanical themed event. This is an aesthetic we know and love (see the Urban Jungle-inspired event we helped with here) so we thought we’d share our favourite party furniture hire pieces and interior highlights from the day.


Dinky Sofas & Armchairs

The party took place in a glamorous marquee, with a dramatic canopy ceiling. The cream coloured fabric of the structure was a perfect backdrop for more colourful furniture items such as our Dinky Sofas and Armchairs in Claret, Millenial Pink and Dusky Blue. The variation of these dusty shades sat perfectly next to the sprawling green pot plants which were dotted around the venue.


Disco Poseur Tables & Stools

Reminiscent of picnics in the park, our practical Disco Poseur Tables and Stools, alongside the dramatic foliage, brought the outside in to this event. As well as being an essential addition to any event, these particular stools and tables also added a contrasting industrial element to the otherwise colourful, botanical-inspired function.


Birdcage Coffee Tables

The clue is in its name; the Birdcage Coffee Table. Evocative of retro bird cages, these tables were a perfect match for this leafy, nature-inspired event. Big enough to accommodate guest’s drinks (and a second or third round too!) and low enough to be placed next to our comfy Dinky sofas. The Birdcage Coffee Tables were both practical and aesthetically spot-on.


Milano Poseur Tables

Our Milano Poseur Tables in black were used outside the marquee, placed conveniently next to a picturesque swimming pool. Adaptable for all occasions, the tables at this event were topped with tea lights and surrounded by garlands of twinkling fairy lights. This was the place to be as the night set in.


All photos by Flo Brooks Photography


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